When Winter Strikes, Strike Back With A Strong Immune System

This time of year when the temperature drops and snow flakes start to fly it is important to boost ones immune system.

It seems there is a direct correlation between winter and an increase in illnesses. That is because the bodies’ immune system is under more stress from cold, wet temperatures.

There is also another big difference – the sun. And more specifically a lack of sun exposure. The sun’s golden rays are not only good for warming our bodies on delightfully relaxing sandy beaches, but the sun triggers vitamin D production in our body as well.

Vitamin D is crucial in boosting our immune system. Since most people do not spend as much time out in the sun during the winter it can mean less vitamin D production, and ultimately a weaker immune system.

Due to this, there is an increase in illnesses during the winter. When we bundle up for the cold weather we block the sun’s healing rays.

Those in the know turn to immune boosting activities and supplements to super charge the immune system during the winter.

Crucial supplements like vitamin D, zinc, probiotics and vitamin C can help keep illnesses away when our natural defenses are down.

This is precisely what doctors recommend to people who test for a deficiency in these crucial vitamins and minerals. Be sure to pick a good all natural brand like Natural Health Goodies. https://www.amazon.com/naturalhealthgoodies

By keeping your vitamin levels in the correct range you can assure you are prepared when your immune system comes under attack in the winter.

But what if you don’t like taking handfuls of vitamin pills every day? The good news is that there are many vitamins you can take in handy dandy liquid form, such as these vitamin D drops found on Amazon.com, liquid vitamin B12, iron and many more.

But how do I get my vitamins from more natural sources?

It is true you can get most of the necessary vitamins and minerals from the food you eat. Many say the best way to get the right vitamins and minerals is directly from food sources.

All fresh foods are bursting with healthy vitamins. Apples, oranges, tomatoes, bananas, mushrooms, kale, spinach you name it, they all have vitamin compounds unique to them.

So if you would rather get your vitamins from a fresh salad go right ahead. For those that aren’t so good at getting enough veggies on the plate supplements are a great option too. They don’t call them “supplements” for no reason. They make a great accompaniment to the foods you do eat.

Here is a fun but informative video that talks about the benfits of vitamin D during the winter (and year round)

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